Music downloads and CDs

Mark and Jessica Martin return with a full-length Christmas CD featuring an hour of Yuletide delights
MSBsmall All I Want For Christmas Is You (MP3 download)
Mark hits an all-time high as he and Jessica swing Mariah Carey's Yuletide blockbuster
MSBsmall Jingle Bells (MP3 download)
Mark and Jessica breeze through the blockbuster hit of 1857
products_music/SweetGingerbreadMansmall Sweet Gingerbread Man director's bake (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica with the ultimate version of a groovy Sixties favorite
MSBsmall The Christmas Glow Worm (MP3 download)
Mark and Jessica put a swingin' seasonal spin on a century-old Berlin operetta smash
MSBsmall What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? (MP3 download)
Mark sings Frank Loesser's seasonal standard
MSBsmall The Perfect Year (MP3 download)
Jessica Martin sings solo in this wistful New Year song, produced by Mark
products_music/RunninOnEggnogDDsmall Runnin' On Eggnog (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica with the perfect Yuletide tipple
MSBsmall Snowbound (MP3 download)
Mark and Jessica have fun with a jazzy little Dave Frishberg number
MSBsmall Santa Claus Is Coming To Town/He'll Be Coming Down The Chimney (MP3 download)
A rollicking medley of two seasonal standards by J Fred Coots
MSBsmall A Little Town At Midnight (MP3 download)
Mark and Jessica stitch some traditional carols together to tell the story of the first Christmas
MSBsmall Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica's very merry version of a Christmas classic
MSBsmall A Marshmallow World megamix (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica light up the dance floor with the all-time funkiest version of a beloved Christmas classic!
AMarshmallowWorldorigrev.jpg A Marshmallow World original version (MP3 download)
Mark joins his old pal Jessica Martin for a swingin' seasonal singalong
products_music/BroadwayChristmas10small A BROADWAY CHRISTMAS
A great triple-bill - Broadway Babies Say Goodnight, Steyn's acclaimed romp through a century of musical theatre, together with Mark's musical salute to one of America's great songwriters, plus a cavalcade of live music and a SteynOnline greeting card - all at one low price
Mark sings songs for swingin' cats. It's the cats' meow!
AmericanSongbookSingalongBsmall.jpg AMERICAN SONGBOOK SINGALONG
Steyn on song - with a terrific double-CD to put the music to Mark's words!
FGcover.jpg Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat (MP3 download)
The opening track from Mark's brand new cat album!
FGcover.jpg The 59th Street Bridge Song/What's New, Pussycat? (MP3 download)
Mark brings together two of the grooviest songs of the Sixties!
FGcover.jpg Top Cat (MP3 download)
A Hanna-Barbera classic (with a little bit of Fred Flintstone thrown in)
FGcover.jpg Cat Scratch Fever (MP3 download)
You know you've waited for this: Mark Steyn sings Ted Nugent!
FGcover.jpg The Pussy Foot (MP3 download)
The new feline dance craze that'll have your cat twistin' under the glitter ball!
FGcover.jpg Chase Me, Charlie (MP3 download)
A kitten and her beau, over the garden wall after dark.
FGcover.jpg I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat (MP3 download)
Mark's hommage to Tweety, Sylvester ...and Sting
FGcover.jpg The Alley Cat (MP3 download)
Mark goes on the prowl with an amorous feline
FGcover.jpg The Cats Meow (MP3 download)
Mark and a trio of sexy kittens turn Rossini into a wild Brazilian samba
FGcover.jpg The Cat Came Back (MP3 download)
The tale of a bad cat, from the barnyard to Wall Street to Kim Jong Un's palace
FGcover.jpg Year Of The Siamese Cat (MP3 download)
A sexy Siamese amid the bamboo flutes in the Year of the Cat
FGcover.jpg Nine Lives (MP3 download)
Mark tells the story of one cat's nine lives, all the way to that last saucer of milk
FGcover.jpg She Only Talks That Way To The Cat (MP3 download)
A song every guy can identify with
Goldfingerfront.jpg GOLDFINGER (CD)
Steyn sings Ted Nugent, James Bond, Jerome Kern, the First World War, and more!
· GOLDFINGER (CD) $10.95
Goldfingerfront.jpg On A Slow Boat To China (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica take a trip out on the briny with a moon big and shiny
Goldfingerfront.jpg Can't Take My Eyes Off You (MP3 download)
Mark's swingin' take on a Sixties classic
Goldfingerfront.jpg De Quoi A-T-Elle L'Air Ce Soir? (MP3 download)
Mark sings the all-time great love song "The Way You Look Tonight" - in French!
Goldfingerfront.jpg Roses Of Picardy (MP3 download)
Mark and Monique with the all-time great song of the Great War
Goldfingerfront.jpg Goldfinger (MP3 download)
Steyn sings Bond
Goldfingerfront.jpg The Very Thought Of You (MP3 download)
Mark sings one of the loveliest English ballads
products_music/Loesserproduct Heart And Soul (MP3 download)
Mark sings doowop as he and Jessica take an idiosyncratic wander through every child's piano favorite
products_music/Loesserproduct I Wish I Didn't Love You So (MP3 download)
Jessica Martin sings solo in this gorgeous Frank Loesser love song, produced by Mark
products_music/IDLsmall It's De-Lovely (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica's rip-roaring romp through a Cole Porter classic
products_music/AMWdiscosmaller The King's New Clothes (MP3 download)
Mark, Jessica and a cast of thousands recreate a Hans Christian Andersen classic for young and old alike
products_music/SATCsmall Songs Across The Connecticut (MP3 download)
New Hampshire meets Vermont in this duet by Mark and Elisabeth von Trapp
products_music/SweetGingerbreadMansmall Sweet Gingerbread Man (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica revive a groovy Sixties favorite, available in two fresh-out-of-the-pan versions
products_music/SweetGingerbreadMansmall Sweet Gingerbread Man extra nutty recipe (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica revive a groovy Sixties favorite, and put a gingery spin on hippie protest and bossa nova
products_music/AMWdiscosmaller A Marshmallow World disco version (MP3 download)
Mark & Jessica return with this year's Christmas dance party sensation!
products_music/AMWdiscosmaller A MARSHMALLOW WORLD - DISCO FEVER! (CD)
Mark & Jessica's new Christmas CD has multiple marshmallows, gingerbread and lots of holiday fun
AMarshmallowWorldorigrev.jpg A Marshmallow World original version (CD single)
Mark joins his old pal Jessica Martin for a swingin' seasonal singalong
products_music/GingerbreadandEggnogsmall Gingerbread And Eggnog (CD)
Mark and Jessica Martin return for a fun-filled Yuletide songfest sure to make your spirits bright
MerryBrightsmall MERRY AND BRIGHT
Three hours of great audio entertainment to while away winter evenings by the Christmas firelight
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