A Marshmallow World original version (MP3 download)

A Marshmallow World original version (MP3 download)

Mark Steyn is the new Bing Crosby

The cute lyrics and stellar performance makes it a winner all year round. The world needs smiles, and there'll be no day of the year that this song will fail to deliver.
Cashbox Magazine

Mark joins his old pal Jessica Martin for a swingin' seasonal take on a Christmas classic. Jessica is the voice of the Queen, Barbra Streisand and most of the other female puppets on TV's "Spitting Image"; a former intergalactic villainess on "Doctor Who"; the star of many West End shows from Me And My Girl to South Pacific; and is fresh from her role in the world premiere of Michel Legrand's new musical Marguerite. So duetting with Mark is one helluva comedown for her, but she's being very game about it.

This three minutes of Yuletide grooviness is sure to perk up the flattest eggnog, and is the perfect cure for whatever ails you this holiday season, whether it's the 2008 election, the credit crunch, "climate change", Canada's "human rights" commissions, or anything else. Toss your cares away and frolic through a yum-yummy, sugar-sweet, whipped-cream "Marshmallow World" with Mark and Jessica.

"A Marshmallow World" is also available in old-fashioned CD form on the mini-album Gingerbread & Eggnog and on Mark & Jessica's disco EP A Marshmallow World - Disco Fever! and on their original Christmas single A Marshmallow World


A Marshmallow World original version (MP3 download)