The [Un]documented Mark Steyn 448 pages (hardback)
Goldfinger (CD)

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A must-read new book
Rush Limbaugh

No one else combines Steyn’s dazzling humor, astonishing erudition, and gripping apocalyptic prognostication.
Roger Kimball, The New Criterion

A must-read collection... Reading Steyn is pure pleasure
Paul Tuns, The Interim

Mark Steyn nails the soulfullness of my classic song..! Killer band! Killer arrangement! Killer attitude!
Ted Nugent

Steyn is back with a new anthology of the funny, the horrifying, the apocalyptic, and the bitingly satirical, as he tackles everything from Viagra and macchiatos to war and civilizational collapse. And the good news is we've put his book together with his new CD - Goldfinger, in which Steyn sings not only the title song but Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever" - which cover version is surely as reliable a sign of impending civilizational collapse as anything in the book. Taken together, it's a uniquely Steynian cocktail of words and music.

The hardback The [Un]documented Mark Steyn is the ultimate round-up of Steynian themes from the 21st century, roaming far and wide from America to Australia, Martha Stewart to Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan to William Wilberforce, the Queen on the stump to Barbie in a burqa, plus war and demography and all the fun stuff... On Christmas morning, your loved one will open it, and start reading and be alternately laughing and weeping for the rest of the day. If you enjoyed Mark's last bestseller, you'll love this one.

And we're including Goldfinger, Mark's new CD in which, with a bit of help from duettist pals Monique Fauteux, Jessica Martin and an orchestra of London's best musicians, Steyn sings James Bond, Ted Nugent, Jerome Kern, the First World War and much more: a septet of favorite Steyn Songs of the Week covering six decades of popular music.

Where else can you get doom and gloom plus 007 theme tunes and "The Way You Look Tonight" in one convenient package? And when you order our Undocumented and Swingin' special you'll get The [Un]documented Mark Steyn and Goldfinger at 15 per cent off the combined retail price - and with the book personally autographed by Mark to you or your loved one at no extra charge. At our electronic checkout, just make sure you fill in the autograph request box.