Goldfinger (MP3 download)


Goldfinger (John Barry, Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley)
including James Bond Theme (Monty Norman) 3.13
Mark Steyn, vocals
with orchestra arranged and conducted by Kevin Amos

from the album Goldfinger

James Bond is the only spy with a score - a half-century of great Bond songs from the 007 theme in Dr No all the way up to Adele's song for Skyfall. Mark's two all-time favorites from the MI6 catalogue have always been "Goldfinger" and "Diamonds Are Forever", but he's never figured out a way for a chap to do the "Diamonds" lyric. So, when it came to choosing a Bond song to sing, "Goldfinger" won by default. He takes it as a slightly faster tempo than Shirley Bassey, and with a swinging detour through the most famous spy music of all time - the original James Bond theme.

Goldfinger (MP3 download)