The Cat Came Back (MP3 download)


The Cats Came Back (Harry S Miller) 4.16
Mark Steyn, vocals
arranged and conducted by Kevin Amos
from the album Feline Groovy: Songs for Swingin' Cats

This children's song originated in the late 19th century and has remained popular ever since - the tale of a cat who defies the world's efforts to get rid of him - by drowning, by shooting, by strapping him to the railroad track. Mark updated the lyrics to encompass Kim Jong Un's nukes and a Wall Street meltdown, but somehow the cat manages to survive. And Kevin Amos' arrangement gives the song a "Mack The Knife"/"Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" feel, just to underline what a bad cat this guy really is.

The Cat Came Back (MP3 download)