Gingerbread And Eggnog (CD)

Gingerbread And Eggnog (CD)

The perfect Christmas present is this new CD
Hugh Hewitt

If you're experiencing a down time this season, consider this an emotional stimulus package
Cashbox Magazine

For Christmas 2008, Mark teamed up with his old pal Jessica Martin on "A Marshmallow World" - and to their surprise it proved remarkably popular, reaching Number 7 on Amazon's easy listening chart, Number 41 on their main pop downloads, and getting national airplay in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as on many other radio stations. And fans began writing to know what Mark and Jessica would be doing for this holiday season.

But how do you follow "A Marshmallow World"?

Answer: with gingerbread and eggnog. Mark and Jessica's mini-album (or extra-long EP) features their groovy take on a late Sixties classic, "Sweet Gingerbread Man", plus the brand new seasonal song "Runnin' On Eggnog". And the Yuletide revelry doesn't stop there: There's also the merriest "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" you'll hear this holiday season, and a swingin' medley of J Fred Coots' perennial "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" with his lesser known "He'll Be Coming Down The Chimney". "A Marshmallow World" is on there, too, of course - plus an extra nutty version of "Sweet Gingerbread Man" to round things out. Featuring sparkling arrangements by Kevin Amos and some of London's best musicians, this Christmas CD will see you through Boxing Day, Hogmanay and all the way to European Union Mandatory Mid-January Holiday Thursday.

Every song is available in MP3 download for instant gratification, or collectively in old-fashioned CD form, complete with a seasonally suited-up Mark and Jessica on the cover.

Gingerbread And Eggnog (CD)