Songs Across The Connecticut (MP3 download)


Songs Across The Connecticut 5.45
"Ain't You Coming Back To Old New Hampshire, Molly?" (J Fred Helf/Robert F Roden)
"Moonlight In Vermont" (John Blackburn/Karl Suessdorf)
Elisabeth von Trapp & Mark Steyn
with orchestra arranged and conducted by Kevin Amos

Elisabeth von Trapp is the granddaughter of Baron von Trapp and Sister Maria of Sound Of Music fame - and a neighbor of Mark's across the Connecticut River from his pad in New Hampshire in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. Mark thought it would be fun to create a New Hampshire-meets-Vermont medley, so he rummaged through his collection of obscure Granite State sheet music and found an old song that nobody's sung since 1906 called "Ain't You Coming Back To Old New Hampshire, Molly?" And then he asked Elisabeth if she'd like to play the part of Molly, which she does very charmingly, responding to Mark's plaintive query with her lovely version of that beautiful ballad "Moonlight In Vermont". Mark and Elisabeth's medley features many fine instrumentalists, including a guitar intro by Elisabeth herself.

First heard on The Mark Steyn Christmas Show, this performance is exclusively available via MP3 download from SteynOnline.

Songs Across The Connecticut (MP3 download)