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After his most recent bestseller The [Un]documented Mark Steyn, Mark is proud to join some of the world's most eminent scientists and trenchant commentators as part of the new must-read book Climate Change: The Facts. It's now out in paperback, and the SteynOnline bookstore is the only place you can get a copy personally autographed by Mark! Inside you'll find not only Steyn but also Richard Lindzen, Willie Soon, Joanne Nova, Anthony Watts, Nigel Lawson, Donna LaFramboise, Ian Plimer, James Delingpole and more on the state of the "global warming" debate almost two decades into "the pause". At a time when the Big Climate enforcers are growing ever shriller and more desperate, this book arms you with the facts to push back! To order your copy, click here.

~As for The [Un]documented Mark Steyn, from Osama to Obama, guns to groping, Reagan to road signs, clones to drones, rock'n'crocs, it's all here, in one handy volume. And don't forget The [Un]documented Mark Steyn is a two-fer: You not only get a great read, but Mark's royalties therefrom go to support his pushback against climate mullah Michael E Mann (see below). To order your autographed copy, simply click here.

~Mark's new CD Goldfinger is a Steyn sampler featuring a few of his favorites from six decades of popular music: Mark sings James Bond, Ted Nugent, the First World War and more - and not just in English but in French, too! And you can get it with his new book at one great low price as part of our limited-time special offer.

~Ever since Mark's legal woes heated up at the end of 2013 and it became clear that the Mann vs Steyn case would be moving to trial, we've had various suggestions as to what promotional items the SteynOnline bookstore should be offering both to raise funds for Mark to afford a sub-minimum-wage undocumented paralegal and, more broadly, to let readers show their support for the cause.

SteynVsTheStickmed.jpgWell, we've taken your advice, and introduced two new designs, "Steyn vs the Stick" and "Clash of Sticks", that are now available both as T-shirts and sweat shirts (for men and women) and on mousepads and coffee mugs. We're also making it available with Mark's book Lights Out in a Steyn vs the Stick Free Speech Special, and we'll be introducing more items in the weeks ahead. We hope you'll give them the once-over. It's a good way to support Mark's pushback against a case that should never have got this far.

If you're unsure which books to get or what size T-shirt to order for your loved one, our SteynOnline gift certificates are an easy way to help support Mark's end of the Mann vs Steyn case. You can buy a gift certificate starting at $25 (and soaring way up from there), and let your friends and relatives load up with Steyn books and music and trial merchandise at their leisure. The gift certificates have no expiration date, so if, in ten years' time, your favorite nephew has a sudden burning desire for $100 worth of Clash of Sticks mugs, it'll still be valid.

The gift certificates are available online here.Alternatively, US and Canadian customers can make a telephone purchase by calling (866) 799-4500 toll free from 8am to 3pm Eastern time on weekdays.

And don't forget, there are savings galore if you buy Mark's books and other gifts as part of our exclusive SteynOnline special offers!


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