Black & White World III


Many of us discovered Cox & Forkum in the days after September 11th. It was a strange time. After cartoonists had done their initial muted-in-sorrow Statue-of-Liberty-with-head-bowed-to-the-missing-towers tastefully tragic responses to the day itself, many seemed to have great difficulty finding a tone for the new era. And into the void stepped Cox & Forkum.
from Mark's introduction to Black & White World III

Cartoons by Cox & Forkum plus an intro by Steyn: together, they make a great combination to brighten up the dreariest day - 400 sharp visual comments on the post-9/11 world that are both funny and sobering.

This third volume of C&F's work covers the two years since the 2004 Presidential election and includes special sections on the Cartoon Jihad and the Ground Zero 9/11 memorial, Cox & Forkum's entry for Iran's Holocaust cartoon competition, caricatures of the famous and infamous, and much more. Order your copy today - and Mark will be more than happy to autograph it to you or a loved one.