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If you've got a fan of Mark's among your friends and family but you're not sure whether he or she's already got After America or Making Spirits Bright, here's a handy way to avoid having to return an item: A SteynOnline Gift Certificate. They'll be free to choose any book, CD, shirt, mug or other item from the Steyn Line and order up the autograph they want to go with it. Gift certificates start as low as $25.00 for the casual uncommitted dilletante and go up from there, for the hardcore reader who's got to have everything. They never expire, so the recipient can buy something now or wait for the latest addition to Mark's oeuvre to be published - such as his newest book, coming later this year, or his forthcoming music CD. And don't forget, if you don't want to give the gift certificate to some ingrate nephew or surly sibling, you can always give it to yourself!

And, as a bonus for supporting the SteynOnline bookstore, everybody who buys a gift certificate gets a small token of our appreciation. Purchasers of gift certificates of $25, $50, $75 or $100 will receive a SteynOnline hockey-stick key ring, while customers who buy gift certificates costing $125 or more will receive a Steyn vs the Stick mousepad.

Please choose below how many certificates you'd like and how lavishly endowed you'd like them to be. Also, please select whether you'd prefer them sent by e-mail or by mail.
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Store gift certificate Policy

SteynOnline gift certificates are valid forever - or at least until the collapse of Western Civilization. But please note they can only be redeemed for products available at SteynOnline. If you want to spend $10 this week, and another $10 next month, and another $10 next year, that's fine - the balance available on your certificate will descend accordingly over the days and/or decades until it's exhausted. If you have any queries or problems, please contact us at

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