Mugs and other items

products_mugs/ClashOfSticksmugsmall Clash of Sticks mug
It's liberty vs screwy science, battling it out on your coffee mug
products_mugs/SteynVsTheStickmugsmall Steyn vs The Stick mug
Start your day with an attitudinal cup of coffee, and help defend free speech against dodgy science
ClashOfSticksmousepadsmall Clash of Sticks mousepad
Click with pride as the SteynOnline Liberty Stick battles shoddy science!
products_special/SteynVsTheStickmousepadsmall Steyn vs The Stick mousepad
Click the stick as Steyn chows down on shoddy science!
products_mugs/SOLmug The original SteynOnline coffee mug
The perfect way to start the day - a Steyn column in the morning paper and a shot of java in your SteynOnline mug!
products_mugs/MyShariaAmour_front_mug_small.jpg My Sharia Amour mug
You gotta start off each day with a song ...and a great cup of coffee - all in one!
products_mugs/MSAmousepadsmall My Sharia Amour mousepad
Click with cultural sensitivity as your mouse pad glides over Mark's lyrics to "My Sharia Amour"!
products_mugs/Scary_mug_small.jpg Scary Conservative mug
Stunned co-workers will recoil from the percolator as you refill your "I'm a Scary Conservative" mug!
products_mugs/ScaryConservativetotebag Scary Conservative tote bag
Terrify your leftie friends and neighbors as you stroll down Main Street with our exclusive Scary Conservative tote bag!
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products_mugs/SaudpadGhazi SteynOnline Saudpad (Ghazi mousepad)
Everyone knows that "the Saudis are our friends", and what could be friendlier than having them on your very own mousepad!
products_mugs/SaudpadTurki SteynOnline Saudpad (Turki mousepad)
It's the mousepad that roared. The ideal accessory for any computer: a SteynOnline Saudpad bearing the ferocious words of one of the kingdom's numero uno princes!
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