The [Un]documented Mark Steyn

The [Un]documented Mark Steyn

448 pages (hardback)

A must-read new book
Rush Limbaugh

Steyn’s writing is so rompily gorgeous... You’ll laugh, you’ll sigh, you’ll learn something. And you’ll whistle a bracing Broadway melody while you go about doing your bit in the ‘End Of Days’ scenario which Steyn sketches so convincingly and, yes, so entertainingly.
Julie Burchill, The Spectator

A writer unlike any other, a commentator with a luxuriously original spirit... He’s the only writer today who sometimes brings the best of Mencken to mind.
Robert Fulford, The National Post

Mr. Steyn has a unique talent for injecting just the right portion of humor with a call to intellectual arms
Wes Vernon, The Washington Times

Five stars for funny plus despair-inducing
Hugh Hewitt

If there's a major epidemic, you might be better off locking yourself in a room with a bunch of pedialyte. But also keep a copy of Mark Steyn's brand-new book, The [Un]documented Mark Steyn, so that you can at least die laughing.

No one else combines Steyn’s dazzling humor, astonishing erudition, and gripping apocalyptic prognostication. All is not well in the fruited plains of this great republic, and no one provides chapter and verse of our unfolding dégringolade with the authority and rhetorical élan of Mark Steyn. It’s a neat trick, making societal collapse seem entertaining as well as horrifying, but Steyn manages the feat with consummate skill.
Roger Kimball, The New Criterion

His great new book
Sean Hannity

A must-read collection... Reading Steyn is pure pleasure
Paul Tuns, The Interim

From the bestselling author of America Alone and After America comes the perfect Steyn book: The [Un]documented Mark Steyn rounds up some of Steyn's best work from the last quarter-century - from newspapers and magazines in London, New York, Toronto and beyond, from radio monologues on The Rush Limbaugh Show, and even from Mark's stage show. There's no Steyn anthology like this one, running the gamut from war and free speech and the nationalization of the family to Viagra and Kinder eggs and curly-fry light bulbs. Mark writes on Obama's composite girlfriends, Barbie in a burqa, and the war on jokes. He shares tales of a watery ride with Ted Kennedy, dinner at Buckingham Palace, and correspondence from Salman Rushdie's secure location. Reagan and Thatcher, GI Joe and James Bond, guns and potpourri, the full range of Mark's writing is all here, in one handy handsome hardback volume.

The [Un]documented Mark Steyn is available at bookstores across the US and Canada, but, if you want a personally autographed copy of the new Steyn classic, this is the place to get it. At our electronic checkout, just make sure you fill in the autograph request box with the name of you or your loved one.