The Face Of The Tiger

The Face Of The Tiger

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"The only change that occurred on September 11th was a simple one. When Osama bin Laden blew up the World Trade Center, he also blew up the polite fictions of the pre-war world."

In this collection of his American, British and Canadian columns, Mark considers the facts and fictions of the post-9/11 world – war and peace, quagmires and root causes, from “the brutal Afghan winter” to the “searing heat of Guantanamo”, from the axis of evil to the “axels of evil”, the heroes of Flight 93 to the death of Osama bin Laden.

This volume rounds up Mark’s columns from across the world, including his take on pop, movies and plays since September 11th – from Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down to Neil Young’s Let’s Roll to Ovid’s Metamorphoses – and some satirical flights of fancy: enjoy an afternoon hanging upside down in the bondage dungeon with Robert Fisk or sautéing scorpions at the back of the cave with Mullah Omar. Click here for John Hawkins' selection of favorite quotes from the book.

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