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Who else do you want to read on Canadian health care, Elvis after death, the Nepalese monarchy, or Al and Tipper Gore's all-time record tongue sarnie at the Democratic Convention? They're just four of the topics covered in Mark Steyn From Head To Toe. In this anatomical anthology from Mark's body of work, Steyn takes a tour round some delightful parts – from the Liberian President’s ears and John Kerry's hair to Al Gore’s calves and the Duchess of York’s toe. Plus the right to bear arms, Mrs Thatcher gets the elbow, economic muscle, John McCain's rib tickler, and all the naughty bits, including Bill Clinton's executive branch and The New York Times' Adam Clymer. If you're one of many readers who love the range of Mark's subject matter, this book is a wonderful collection, in which he turns his eye to everything from US drinking habits, the art of the cigarette song and conservative cool to Saddam's literary ambitions, Michelle Pfeiffer's self-esteem, and Dr Christian Barnaard's heart.

By contrast, The Face Of The Tiger focuses on the subject matter for which he became known in the days after 9/11: the war on terror, the Afghan campaign, and the rise of a radicalized Islam. Beginning with Steyn's front-page story for September 12th 2001, The Face Of The Tiger charts the contours of the post-9/11 world.

We're offering ten dollars off the combined cover price of these two popular collections. Instead of $39.90, you'll pay just $29.90 - and Mark will be happy to autograph them to you or a friend or family member. These two books preserve some of his classic columns, on matters great and small.