America Alone (paperback)

America Alone (paperback)

“What is this book about? Well, it's about to be banned in Canada...”
Steyn in his new introduction to the paperback edition of America Alone

Mark's book was a New York Times bestseller, a Number One in Canada, critically acclaimed in Britain, Australia, Israel and throughout Europe, and recommended by Congressmen, Senators, Governors, and even Presidents. But not everyone liked it, and for the brand new paperback edition Mark's introduction recalls some of the opposition to the book, critical and litigious and even analytical, as well as some of the major events of the last year or so that support its thesis. Don't miss the paperback edition of this landmark book, and join satisfied customers around the globe:

"Bush has circulated copies of Natan Sharansky's The Case for Democracy to his staff, and recommended Mark Steyn's America Alone"
The Weekly Standard

What they're saying about America Alone... the US:

"The most important book of the year."
Milt Rosenberg, WGN Canada:

"If you were to buy only two books this year, get two copies of America Alone: one for your own edification as well as entertainment ...and one for the person you care most about."
David Solway, Books In Canada Australia:

"Terrifying stuff, but Steyn is possibly the funniest man alive and his book is a gag a minute... Any ten lines of Steyn's book will have you laughing hysterically until you realise he's writing with profound insight into the most terrorising of all subjects."
Alan Gold, The Australian Britain:

"No writer I can think of manages to combine utter bleakness about mankind’s prospects with a genius for one-liners like Steyn... Steyn succeeds in packing a series of provocative contentions into this relatively short book in a way which demonstrates a serious engagement with some of the biggest issues in geopolitics. That he does so with humour, lightness of touch and brutal clarity, only demonstrates what a talented writer he is."
Michael Gove, The Spectator Sweden:

"One of the world's leading conservative journalists, Mark Steyn, has now written an important book..."
Bertil Haggman, Director, Center for Research on Geopolitics the Netherlands:

"He is extraordinarily spirited, writes splendidly, with neologisms and word combinations virtually untranslatable, but is also profound and visionary."
Chris Rutenfrans, De Volkskrant Germany:

"The most important non-fiction book of the year."
Hannes Stein, Die Welt Switzerland:

"A depressing prognosis that rings true - with laughs."
Martin Suter, Sonntagszeitung Italy:

"Mark Steyn fa la Cassandra (witty)."
Giulio Meotti, Il Foglio

...and in Israel:

"Mark Steyn's must-read new book."
Michael Freund, The Jerusalem Post

And wherever you are on the planet, America Alone is a must-read. Scroll down and click to pre-order the new paperback edition!

"This is by far the most powerful book I’ve read since we launched American Compass in January of 2004, and it’s the one book I wish every American would read."
Brad Miner, American Compass Book Club

"The best read I have come across in some time."
John P Rossi, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Buy this book. Now. America Alone by Mark Steyn is probably the most important book you'll read this year. The fact that it's also one of the funniest and most enjoyable to read is a happy coincidence."
Michael Graham, WTTK Boston

"Mark Steyn is the funniest writer alive and his humorous style makes America Alone entertaining and easy to read"
Dr Jerome C Arnett Jnr, The Journal Of American Physicians And Surgeons

"Mark Steyn is phenomenal - no other word will quite do... When it comes to jokes, word-play, zany allusions, far-fetched language, exaggeration, satirical mockery, scathing ribaldry, he displays so little respect for conventions of every kind as to elude almost any known literary category."
David Pryce-Jones, Commentary

"Being funny is hard. Being funny while writing about suicide bombings, apocalyptic fatwas, beheadings and all the other calling cards of murderous Islamists is just about impossible. In fact, there is only one columnist on the face of the planet who can do it."
Jonathan Kay, The New York Post

"One of the most gifted writer-commentators writing in English today, or indeed in any language... Never has an apocalyptic vision been presented in more amusing terms."
George Jonas, The National Post (Canada)

"Mark Steyn's essential, disturbing and darkly hilarious America Alone is the most amusing description of the destruction of a great civilization since that sly historian Gibbon put down his pen... It's as tragic as it is funny." Andrew Stuttaford, Book Of The Year, The New York Sun

"Steyn is Canada's gift to the world."
Salim Mansur, The Toronto Sun

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America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It is an incisive examination of western civilization as it sleepwalks toward a new Dark Ages. Permanence is the arrogant assumption of every era, and ours is no exception. But, in Europe, the Middle East and beyond, history is on the march, and moving very quickly.

This new paperback edition of America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It follows hard on the heels of the bestselling hardback - and, if you pre-order through SteynOnline, Mark will be happy to autograph your copy for you or a loved one.

To book a media interview with Mark about the new paperback edition of America Alone, please contact Regnery's publicity department by clicking here.

America Alone (paperback)