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AMERICA ALONE: Reviews & comments

"One of our most perceptive writers, Mark Steyn, has written a troubling new book called America Alone..."
Bradley R Gitz, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"This is by far the most powerful book Iíve read since we launched American Compass in January of 2004, and itís the one book I wish every American would read. Steynís combination of unassailable argument and side-splitting humor is utterly unique."
Brad Miner, American Compass Book Club

"The most important book of the year."
Milt Rosenberg, WGN

"The best read I have come across in some time."
John P Rossi, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"If you were to buy only two books this year, get two copies of America Alone: one for your own edification as well as entertainment ...and one for the person you care most about."
David Solway, Books In Canada

"This book is the most fun I've had being depressed."
John Kienker, Managing Editor, The Claremont Review Of Books

"Terrifying stuff, but Steyn is possibly the funniest man alive and his book is a gag a minute... Any ten lines of Steyn's book will have you laughing hysterically until you realise he's writing with profound insight into the most terrorising of all subjects."
Alan Gold, The Australian

"No writer I can think of manages to combine utter bleakness about mankindís prospects with a genius for one-liners like Steyn... Steyn succeeds in packing a series of provocative contentions into this relatively short book in a way which demonstrates a serious engagement with some of the biggest issues in geopolitics. That he does so with humour, lightness of touch and brutal clarity, only demonstrates what a talented writer he is."
Michael Gove, The Spectator (United Kingdom)

"Steyn brings probity and a sidesplitting humour that leavens a very serious subject... This book is essential reading for these troubled times."
Paul Drolet, The Gazette (Montreal)

"Mark Steyn's excellent new book."
Chuck Colson

"Read Steyn's book."
Peter Worthington, The Toronto Sun

"Buy this book. Now. America Alone by Mark Steyn is probably the most important book you'll read this year. The fact that it's also one of the funniest and most enjoyable to read is a happy coincidence."
Michael Graham, WTTK Boston

"Mark Steyn is phenomenal - no other word will quite do... When it comes to jokes, word-play, zany allusions, far-fetched language, exaggeration, satirical mockery, scathing ribaldry, he displays so little respect for conventions of every kind as to elude almost any known literary category."
David Pryce-Jones, Commentary

"Being funny is hard. Being funny while writing about suicide bombings, apocalyptic fatwas, beheadings and all the other calling cards of murderous Islamists is just about impossible. In fact, there is only one columnist on the face of the planet who can do it."
Jonathan Kay, The New York Post

"This is a book wonderfully rich with insights, from a writer with a great many interesting things to say about the state of our world. Further, Steyn says those things superbly well, with a imaginatively rococo style that draws its metaphors and allusions from an array of sources that is very wide... Memorable images and apothegms abound... Steyn is often very funny, too... this is a lovely book, irresistibly readable."
John Derbyshire, New English Review

"Mark Steyn's America Alone is the jauntiest bit of doomsaying you'll ever come across."
Jonathan Last, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"One of the most gifted writer-commentators writing in English today, or indeed in any language... Never has an apocalyptic vision been presented in more amusing terms."
George Jonas, The National Post (Canada)

"Mark Steyn's essential, disturbing and darkly hilarious America Alone is the most amusing description of the destruction of a great civilization since that sly historian Gibbon put down his pen... It's as tragic as it is funny." Andrew Stuttaford, Book Of The Year, The New York Sun

"Steyn is Canada's gift to the world... It is Steyn's wonderful ability to make this subject of great importance easily accessible."
Salim Mansur, The Toronto Sun>/i>

"Convincing and entertaining... What counts in his book is his piercing, well-supported argument, based on demographics and evidence about what Muslim populations actually believe and are allowing to be done in their name. It is impossible to make useful predictions without the information he presents here."
Orson Scott Card, author of Empire and Treason

"Mark Steyn is one of the nationís most brilliant interpreters of contemporary events... This volume contains many important insights and should be widely read and debated. It also has the virtue of being extremely well-written and witty."
Thomas C Reeves,
History News Network

"Mark Steyn at his best: funny and irreverent, even while assembling well-reasoned and complex arguments in support of serious insights."
Mac Johnson, Human Events

"For anyone who has constraints on their time but a desire to know how we arrived here and what is ahead, there are four indispensable books... Mark Steyn's America Alone is exactly the sort of unsparing dose of realism that Americans need to absorb, and soon."
Hugh Hewitt, "The Indispensable Bookshelf: The Books You Absolutely Positively Must Read",

"An absolutely fantastic read."
Neal Boortz

"The most frightening book of 2006."
The Wave (California)

"Mark Steyn's excellent and important new book"
Stanley Kurtz, National Review

"Smart, conservative and witty as all get out."
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"This book is sensational. It's not just important, but it's also hilarious."
Monica Crowley

"America Alone is a doom book of a peculiar sort - it's insistently witty and trenchantly written."
Austin Bay, The Washington Times

"America Alone sits atop of my 'Most Important Books of the Year' list! Read it!"
Frank Pastore, KKLA Los Angeles

"The conservative columnist's first major book is laugh-out-loud funny, containing home truths about the rise of Islam and the decline of the West."
The Vancouver Sun

"Steyn offers a warning that is riveting."
Jeremy Rabkin, The Weekly Standard

"Mark Steyn is one of Canada's most gifted political writers, a man weirdly able to provoke laughter while forecasting the end of the world"
Linda Frum, The National Post

"Mark Steyn fa la Cassandra (witty)"
Giulio Meotti, Il Foglio

"I recently finished Mark Steyn's America Alone, which I believe should be mandatory reading for all US citizens ó indeed, I am tempted to make a close acquaintance with it a condition for citizenship... The book is at once hilarious and depressing."
Roger Kimball, co-publisher/editor, The New Criterion

"Mark Steyn's superb new book."
Michelle Malkin

"Mark Steyn is the funniest writer now living. But don't be distracted by the brilliance of his jokes. They are the neon lights advertising a profound and sad insight: America is almost alone in resisting both the suicide of the west and the suicide bombing of radical Islamism."
John O'Sullivan, editor-at-large of National Review

"Among contemporary conservative books, Mark Steyn's America Alone stands out. Accurately described as 'hilarious, provocative and brilliant.'"
John David Dyche, The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)

"His excellent book America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It"
Don Feder, Front Page

"I'm once again left in awe at Steyn's ability as a writer. No one else could make 'the end of the world as we know it' this entertaining. America Alone is essential reading."
Damian Penny, BlogCritics Magazine

"A remarkable book... A devastating thesis."
Daniel Pipes, The New York Sun/The Jerusalem Post

"The best thing about Steyn's latest isn't that it's clever and funny and beautifully written - of course, it's all those things - but that it's persuasive. Buy a copy for yourself and another for a friend who perhaps hasn't reached a conclusion on this whole terrorism deal. Also, there's a paragraph on page 152 that will cause peacenik heads to implode."
Tim Blair

"Both funny and deadly serious."
The St Catharine's Standard (Ontario)

"The book itself is exceptional... It's one of a handful of essential books for understanding the War On Terror."
Ed Driscoll

"I've never read such an amusing book about such a grim subject."
Mona Charen

"Makes the point strongly and with his customary wit and punning... A very readable polemic... He's right up there with P J O'Rourke and Christopher Buckley in my pantheon of witty conservative writers."
David M Kinchen, The Huntington News, West Virginia

"Mark Steyn's brilliant new book America Alone."
Jonathan Kay, The National Post (Canada)

"Mark Steyn's brilliant new book America Alone."
Alan Caruba, Warning Signs

"It burns me that the best, funniest and most insightful writer in the English language these days is a Canadian by birth. America Alone is pure gold."
J R Muller

"The best distillation of the threat posed by radical Islam to the west that I've ever read"

"Four chapters in I'm already a) jealous that I didn't write it, b) thoroughly entertained, and c) planning on buying it for everyone I know as a Christmas present."

"Steyn has written the most important, most insightful book on politics that I've read in the past ten years."
Frank Hilliard, Mesopotamia West

"I highly recommend reading this book."
James Ellard

"Mark Steyn's new book America Alone is a must-read."
ThinkRight Arizona

"A 'must-read' for several reasons... Hardly a paragraph of the book goes by without a noteworthy quotation."
Conservative Beach Girl

"This is the book you buy two copies of, one for yourself, one to hand out or accidentally-leave-on-purpose somewhere. It is, quite simply, that thorough, and that important."
Anna Z, Free Republic

"A most important and urgently needed book. It should be read by every American."
Professor Paul Eidelberg, President, The Foundation for Constitutional Democracy

"I read America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It from cover to cover in about two nights... It is not only hard to put down, it is scary as hell... one of the more important books you will read in quite some time."
The Discerning Texan

"I highly recommend that every voter read this book before the November election."
Kicking Over My Traces

"It's a great book."
Ground State

"Mark Steyn's superb new book."

"This may be the most need-to-read book in the last decade."
Antonio Rigney, Love From The Desert

"Suffused with Steyn's trademark wit and piercing insights... an enlightening primer to just how bad things are likely to get"
National Review Book Service

"Steyn is at once a fabulous entertainer and a serious thinker about our current crisis. America Alone is a delight to read."
Elizabeth Kantor, Human Events

"Whoa, what a book! ...A truly magnificent reading experience."
Peder Hyllengren

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"This book is the most fun I've had being depressed" - The Claremont Review Of Books
"The best book I've read in the last decade" - Dennis Miller
"Terrifying stuff, but Steyn is possibly the funniest man alive and his book is a gag a minute" - The Australian