Viva Steyn! T-shirt


Now available in three groovy colors - and five accommodating sizes!

Viva Steyn! Wear the T-shirt that shows you're a true intellectual revolutionary. Our friends at Canada's much-missed Western Standard asked Rob Kelly (who created their famous Libranos poster) to picture the One-Man Global Content Provider in Che style and put him on a cool T-shirt - because, after four decades under the dead weight of Trudeaupia, it's championing small government and individual liberty that's really revolutionary. The Viva Steyn! shirt is not only a sign of your good fashion sense but of your sound political sense, too - and not just for Canadians. Wherever you live around the world, this is the perfect gift for the Steyn fan in your family - and, aside from our original Henry Ford basic black, we've now added two more groovy colors for you to choose from - red and yellow. Order today, for birthdays, an early Christmas gift, or just because you want to horrify your leftie friends at every tofu cafe in town!

And, for many female readers who requested it, don't miss our new Viva Steyn! lady's T-shirt!