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After America 424 pages (paperback)
The Mark Steyn Christmas Show (double CD)

Nobody mongers doom like Mark Steyn.
Douglas Murray, Standpoint (United Kingdom)

Its bigger, stronger, scarier, and funnier. If America Alone was Steyns Star Wars, this is the rare sequel that improves on the original: The Empire Strikes Out.
John Hayward (Human Events)

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is Steyn's brand new paperback edition of his 2011 Top Five bestseller is more relevant than ever in the wake of November's election. The good news is we've put it together with a double dose of Yuletide cheer - The Mark Steyn Christmas Show, an audio extravaganza featuring two hours of great conversation and live music. Taken together, it's a uniquely Steynian cocktail of apocalyptic doom and seasonal cheer.

The new paperback of After America includes a special introduction bringing the fate that awaits us right up to date - and all the more timely than ever as America hurtles toward a $20 trillion national debt, 50 million on food stamps, and interest payments that cover the entire cost of the Chinese military. If you enjoyed Mark's last apocalyptic blockbuster, you'll love this one. From budgets to the border, diversity to disease, manufacturing to manhood, Steyn previews the post-American world - and lays out what we can do to stop it. The editor of The Claremont Review Of Books described America Alone as "the most fun I've had being depressed". After America is even more depressing, and even more fun!

But just to soften the blow this holiday season we're including The Mark Steyn Christmas Show, a two-CD set of music and conversation with Mark and his special guests sure to warm the chilliest night. The composer Hugh Martin performs his great Christmas standard, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". Mark bakes pies for America's homemaker Martha Stewart and talks Christmas comedy with Cheers writer Rob Long. Elisabeth von Trapp,granddaughter of the Baron and Sister Maria, fills us in on what the family's been up to since the final scene of The Sound Of Music. Don Black, lyricist of "Born Free" and "To Sir With Love", and Tim Rice, lyricist of Evita and The Lion King, discuss British Christmas songs with Mark. The star of the Oscar-winning Barbarian Invasions Dorothe Berryman gives us a French-language "White Christmas", and teams up with Mark and Quebec's Monique Fauteux for a bilingual "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer". There's lots more live music, including "Edelweiss", "Snowfall", "Angels From The Realms Of Glory", "Moonlight In Vermont", the Huron Carol, and an all-star "Jingle Belles" medley from Mark's Sweet Gingerbread gal Jessica Martin.

Where else can you get doom and gloom plus Martha Stewart recipes and "Santa Baby" in one convenient package? And when you order our After Glow special you'll get After America personally autographed by Mark to you or your loved one - exclusively from SteynOnline. At our electronic checkout, just make sure you fill in the autograph request box.

And don't forget, After America is still available in audio form, with the dulcet tones of Steyn himself, and in original hardback flavor.

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