Steyn's latest bestselling book is available in audio format, unabridged and read by Mark himself! Whether you want to listen in the car, at the gym or on your boombox, this 12-CD set is the perfect way to enjoy total civilizational collapse as an aural experience. And for a limited period, for just a buck extra, we're offering it with an even more apocalyptic listen: Mark's disco version of his Christmas hit with Jessica Martin, "A Marshmallow World"!

"Mark Steyn has done it again!" says Sean Hannity. In his previous New York Times bestseller America Alone, Steyn warned of the impending collapse of just about every country in the western world except America. The good news is the rest of the west’s demise is still on schedule. The bad news is America has now signed up for the same program, supersized. And, unlike AIG, Fannie Mae, Detroit and Greece, the United States is big enough to fail, and spectacularly so. If you enjoyed Mark's last apocalyptic blockbuster, you'll appreciate this one even more. From budgets to the border, diversity to disease, manufacturing to manhood, Steyn looks at the American undreaming, and provides a glimpse of the post-American world. There's laughs along the way, and a few suggestions as to how total civilizational collapse might be avoided.

The editor of The Claremont Review Of Books described America Alone as "the most fun I've had being depressed". After America is even more depressing, and even more fun! But, just in case it casts a pall over your holiday season, we'll throw in - for just an extra dollar - Mark's CD "A Marshmallow World - Disco Fever Edition". Mark joins his old pal Jessica Martin for a mini-CD of discofied derangement, including the disco megamix of "Marshmallow World", Mark and Jessica's original swingin' version of the song, an extra-nutty revival of the groovy late Sixties classic "Sweet Gingerbread Man", and a no-expense-spared extravaganza of "The King's New Clothes", in which Mark plays His Naked Majesty and Jessica plays everybody else.

And don't forget: The brand new audio edition of After America can be personally autographed by Mark to you or your loved one. At our online checkout, just make sure you fill in the autograph request box.