After America (hardback edition)

After America (hardback edition)

400 pages (hardback)

Mark Steyn has done it again. In his new book, After America, he clearly defines the dangerous signals which show America is embracing the same doomed path as the failed European economies, and how vital it is to implement and avoid policies right now to prevent us from the same fate.
Sean Hannity

Only Mark Steyn can write about the decline of America and leave you laughing.
Ann Coulter

Mark Steyn is a modern day Jeremiah with a quiverful of devastating one-liners, nailing what the liberals have done to our country. He presents an alarming—and frighteningly convincing—prophecy of where we’re headed. The choice is stark—we either listen to Steyn and act on his recommendations or face economic and cultural armageddon.
Mark Levin

May puke I'm so happy: Just got in mail Mark Steyn's new book
Andrew Breitbart

You'll fly through After America, America... It's got everything in it that you need.
Hugh Hewitt

His rollicking new book ...stunningly prescient.
Raymond de Souza (The National Post)

Fantastically brilliant... Possibly better than America Alone
Dana Loesch

If you liked the earlier work, you’ll love this one. It’s bigger, stronger, scarier, and funnier. If America Alone was Steyn’s Star Wars, this is the rare sequel that improves on the original: The Empire Strikes Out.
John Hayward (Human Events)

His excellent new book After America
Michael Graham (The Boston Herald)

Mark's book is a Top Five bestseller in the Washington Post bestseller lists, and the New York Times chart, and in the Wall Street Journal/Nielsen chart - and it's a Top Ten bestseller in the Publishers Weekly hit parade. But the only place on the planet you can buy a personally autographed copy is right here.

In his previous New York Times bestseller America Alone, Steyn warned of the impending collapse of just about every country in the western world except America. The good news is the rest of the west’s demise is still on schedule. The bad news is America has now signed up for the same program, supersized. And, unlike AIG, Fannie Mae, Detroit and Greece, the United States is big enough to fail, and spectacularly so. If, like Mark, you want to avoid that fate, then After America is the book for you. It starts with the money, because it always does - for Washington, as for London and Rome before it. But it ends with a ruined and reprimitivized planet - and even liberals won't like that as much as they think.

If you enjoyed Mark's last apocalyptic blockbuster, you'll appreciate this one even more. From budgets to the border, diversity to disease, manufacturing to manhood, Steyn looks at the American undreaming, and provides a glimpse of the post-American world. There's laughs along the way, and a few suggestions as to how total civilizational collapse might be avoided.

The editor of The Claremont Review Of Books described America Alone as "the most fun I've had being depressed". After America is even more depressing, and even more fun! It's available at all good bookstores (and sometimes with generous discounts), but SteynOnline is the only place you can get a copy personally autographed by Mark to you or your loved one. At our online checkout, just make sure you fill in the autograph request box.

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