Mark Steyn From Head To Toe


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In this anatomical anthology from Mark's body of work, Steyn takes a tour round some delightful parts – from the Liberian President’s ears and John Kerry's hair to Al Gore’s calves and the Duchess of York’s toe. Plus the right to bear arms, Mrs Thatcher gets the elbow, economic muscle, John McCain's rib tickler, and all the naughty bits, including Bill Clinton's executive branch and The New York Times ' Adam Clymer. If you're one of many readers who've discovered Mark since 9/11, this book is a great introduction to the broad range of his work, as he takes on US drinking habits, the Nepalese monarchy, the art of the cigarette song, conservative cool, Canada's socialized health care, Bush, Blair, Saddam, Michelle Pfeiffer's torso, Dr Christian Barnaard's heart and much more. And don't miss his great appendix!


For more on Mark Steyn From Head To Toe, see this review by Steven Martinovich at  Enter Stage Right. Steve calls it "a sterling collection" in which "each essay is a delight". 

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