232 pages (paperback)

If you want to know what this book’s about, the easiest place to start is with one brief soundbite from Ezra Levant’s interrogation by the Alberta 'Human Rights' Commission. Ezra had chosen to publish the 'Danish cartoons' – the controversial representations of the Prophet Mohammed – in his magazine The Western Standard, and as a result had found himself summoned before Shirlene McGovern, a 'human rights agent' for the Government of Alberta. And, at one point in her inquisition, after listening to Ezra’s musings on the outrageousness of what was happening, Agent McGovern looked blandly across the table and shrugged:

'You’re entitled to your opinions, that’s for sure.'

If only...
Steyn, from his introduction to Shakedown: How Our Government Is Undermining Democracy In The Name Of Human Rights

Two cases brought the Canadian state's war on free speech into sharper focus than ever before: the Steyn/Maclean's case over America Alone before the Canadian, British Columbia and Ontario "human rights" commissions, and the Ezra Levant/Western Standard case over the Danish cartoons before the Alberta commission. In the paperback edition of his must-read bestseller, complete with a rollicking introduction by Mark, Ezra Levant tells the story of his own case, the investigations into Steyn's "flagrant Islamophobia", and other ludicrous cases brought by Canada's diseased "human rights" apparatus, from the tribunal ruling that a McDonald's employee was not required to wash her hands after using the bathroom, to the human right of a Calgary hair stylist not to be called a "loser", to the right of an emotionally unstable transvestite to counsel female rape victims, despite the objections of those victims.

Canada is now a land that routinely regulates opinion, fines dissenters, and punishes them with lifetime speech bans to prevent them ever raising the subject again. This book brings together two of Canada's most prominent freespeechers in an eloquent argument for the restoration of ancient liberties. And don't forget, when you order from SteynOnline, Hatemonger Steyn will be happy to autograph it to you or your loved one. Or hated one.

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