The War Against The West - and the war within the west

The War Against The West (532 pages, paperback) + The Tyranny Of Nice (82 pages, paperback)

In the 21st century the western world faces two great challenges - from a resurgent, radicalized Islam abroad, and from its own loss of civilizational confidence and retreat into utopian delusions at home. This pair of great books looks at both fronts.

In The War Against The West, Hugh Hewitt talks to Steyn and other analysts of the great struggle of our time. Hugh and Mark discuss the strategic overview and the major themes of his recent writing - European demography, Islamic ambition, American credibility. But you'll also get Michael Ledeen, General Petraeus, John Bolton, Norman Podhoretz and many more on the surge, the nukes, the diplomacy, and the nature of the enemy.

In The Tyranny Of Nice, by contrast, Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere shine a long overdue spotlight on the disgusting activities of Canada's "human rights" commissions, and their implications for America and the rest of the west. Aside from Shaidle and Vere's trenchant expose of the Canadian state's assault on liberty, The Tyranny Of Nice also includes a special introduction by Mark reflecting on his own travails over the last year.

This must-read double-bill expands upon the twin themes of Steyn's America Alone - a resurgent Islam, and the west's loss of civilizational confidence. So The Tyranny Of Nice and The War On The West are made for each other - and for a limited only we're offering them together for 15% off the combined cover price. And don't forget, Hatemonger Steyn himself will be happy to sign both books to you or a loved one. Or hated one.