The Tyranny Of Nice


In an important sense, Canada, one of the oldest continuous constitutional democracies on the planet, is no longer a free society. Oh, I don’t mean there are jackboots goosestepping through Cornwall, and razor wire along the 49th parallel. If there were, even the most lobotomized multiculturalist drone might notice. But I do mean that, in its determination to enforce a dubious government-mandated “niceness”, key elements of the Canadian state have taken a jackhammer to the cornerstone of a free society: freedom of expression, freedom of ideas, freedom of belief, freedom to engage in the whole messy rough’n’tumble of vigorous debate that distinguishes open societies from lesser, stunted, insecure ones...
- Steyn's introduction to The Tyranny Of Nice

As many readers will know, Mark spent much of 2008 embroiled in spurious hate-crime cases brought by the Canadian Islamic Congress with the aid of their stooges at the Canadian, Ontario and British Columbia "Human Rights" Commissions. In a compact but characteristically robust read, Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere's new paperback tells the story of the Maclean's suits, the Alberta government's investigation of Ezra Levant, and other ludicrous cases brought by Canada's diseased "human rights" apparatus. From the "human right" of fast-food employees not to wash their hands after using the toilet to the "human right" of drunken lesbians to heckle stand-up comedians, Shaidle and Vere present a riveting portrait of Canada's kangaroo courts, their assault on liberty, and the lessons they offer for America and other countries. It's an easy-to-read 80-page field manual for the battles ahead, and includes a special introduction by Hatemonger Steyn himself. And don't forget, when you order from SteynOnline, the Hatemonger will be happy to autograph it to you or your loved one. Or hated one.