Mark's bestselling book - and the lawsuits that followed!

Mark's acclaimed book America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It was a Number One bestseller in Canada, but that didn't stop the Canadian Islamic Congress and their stooges in the British Columbia, Ontario and Canadian "human rights" commissions from trying to get it declared a hate crime. Now you can get the original hate crime and the free speech issues it's raised together in one must-read double-bill.

The hardback edition of America Alone got rave reviews in America, Britain, Australia, Europe and even Canada, and it remains a book that generates strong reaction. Free Speech In An Age Of Jihad examines the more litigious ends of that reaction. This New Criterion pamphlet includes Mark's keynote address and other speeches from the recent conference in New York on libel tourism, "hate speech" and political freedom. Aside from "The Lamps Are Going Out", Steyn's report on the dimming of liberty, there's further analysis of his and similar cases around the world from Roger Kimball, Stanley Kurtz, Robert Spencer and Andy McCarthy, with commentary from several of those on the front line in the battle for free speech and honest discussion of Islam's relation with the west, including Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ezra Levant and Ibn Warraq. You'll also get some thoughts on the bigger politico-legal picture from Claudia Rosett, Judge Robert Bork, Brooke Goldstein and others.

These lawsuits are a vindication of the twin themes of America Alone - a resurgent Islam, and the west's loss of civilizational confidence. So Free Speech In An Age Of Jihad makes a perfect companion to America Alone. History is on the march, and this double-bill will bring you up to speed.

Order the hardback of America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It with the special pamphlet Free Speech In An Age Of Jihad and Mark will be happy to sign both to you or a friend or family member.