America Alone (CD/MP3 format)

America Alone (CD/MP3 format)

Mark's bestselling book is available in two great audio formats, unabridged and read by Brian Emerson! Whether you want to listen in the car, at the gym or on your iPod, you'll find one of our audio versions just right for you: Choose from an 8-tape set or one MP3-format CD. Scroll down and click to order your audio Alone today!

"This is the best book I've read since the founding of American Compass in '04."
Brad Miner, American Compass Book Club

"The most important book of the year, if not the decade"
Milt Rosenberg, WGN

"Buy this book. Now. America Alone by Mark Steyn is probably the most important book you'll read this year. The fact that it's also one of the funniest and most enjoyable to read is a happy coincidence."
Michael Graham, WTTK Boston

"Mark Steyn has written his most entertaining book yet."
Rebecca Walberg, The National Post (Canada)

America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It brings together some of the big themes of Mark's writing in recent years - demography, the unsustainability of the welfare state, a resurgent Islam, and the west's loss of civilizational confidence. The result is an incisive examination of how the world could look the day after tomorrow, on the brink of a new Dark Ages. Permanence is the arrogant assumption of every era, and ours is no exception. But in Europe, the Middle East and beyond history is on the march, and moving very quickly.