Magna Carta


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It was in some respects a happy accident. In 1215, a bunch of chippy barons were getting fed up with King John. In those days, in such circumstances, the malcontents would usually replace the sovereign with a pliable prince who'd be more attentive to their grievances. But, having no such prince to hand, the barons were forced to be more inventive, and so they wound up replacing the King with an idea, and the most important idea of all - that even the King is subject to the law.
Mark Steyn, from Magna Carta: The Tax Revolt That Gave Us Liberty

The Magna Carta is the great founding document of individual liberty, the rule of law, and parliamentary democracy - born in England, exported to North America, Australia and around Britain's Empire. In this accessible and engaging book marking its 800th birthday, the IPA's Chris Berg and John Roskam explain what Magna Carta is, where it came from, and why it matters - and Mark provides his own introduction putting the Great Charter of Liberties in the context of our own time, when liberty is again under threat.

The barons demanded of King John nothing less than a wholesale revolution of government. The Magna Carta established the fundamental link between tax and consent. Eight centuries later, understanding how our liberties came from a revolt against oppressive taxation has never been more important. This book is an indispensable anniversary analysis of the English-speaking world's great inheritance - and when you order it direct from SteynOnline Mark will be more than happy to autograph it to you or your loved one.

Magna Carta