The [Un]documented Mark Steyn 448 pages (hardback)
Climate Change: The Facts 348 pages (paperback)

Steyn's back with a new anthology of the funny, the horrifying, the apocalyptic, and the bitingly satirical, as he tackles everything from Viagra and macchiatos to war and civilizational collapse. And yes, he skewers the environmentalist enforcers, too - not only in The [Un]documented Mark Steyn but in the new must-read book Climate Change: The Facts, featuring Steyn and some of the most eminent scientists and trenchant commentators on the climate debate. And now you can get these two great reads together at one low price!

The new hardback The [Un]documented Mark Steyn is the ultimate round-up of Steynian themes from the 21st century, roaming far and wide from America to Australia, Martha Stewart to Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan to William Wilberforce, the Queen on the stump to Barbie in a burqa, plus war and demography and all the fun stuff... Start reading and you'll be alternately laughing and weeping for the rest of the day. If you enjoyed Mark's last bestseller, you'll love this one.

And for a limited time we're including Climate Change: The Facts, a sharp study of the climate debate as we prepare to enter the third decade of the global-warming "pause". Steyn's fellow contributors include many dissident scientists targeted by the Big Climate heavies, such as Willie Soon and Richard Lindzen, plus some of the liveliest commentators on the debate from three continents, including Australia's Andrew Bolt and Joanne Nova and Britain's former Chancellor Nigel Lawson.

And when you order both books together in this Undocumented and Unsettled' special offer you'll get The [Un]documented Mark Steyn and Climate Change: The Facts at 15 per cent off the combined retail price - and with both books personally autographed by Mark to you or the climate denier in your family! At our electronic checkout, just make sure you fill in the autograph request box.