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Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech And The Twilight Of The West by Mark Steyn, 322 pages (hardback)
Marked For Death: Islam’s War Against The West And Me by Geert Wilders with a foreword by Mark Steyn, 256 pages (hardback)

When I was asked to write a foreword to Geert Wilders’ new book, my first reaction, to be honest, was to pass. Mr Wilders lives under 24/7 armed guard because significant numbers of motivated people wish to kill him, and it seemed to me, as someone who’s attracted more than enough homicidal attention over the years, that sharing space in these pages was likely to lead to an uptick in my own death threats. Who needs it? Why not just plead too crowded a schedule and suggest the author try elsewhere? I would imagine Geert Wilders gets quite a lot of this.

And then I took a stroll in the woods...
Steyn, from his introduction to Marked For Death

Our brand new Marked For Christmas special brings together in one dynamite double-read two of the most prominent champions for western civilization’s core liberties.

Fanatics, terrorists, and appeasers have tried everything to silence Geert Wilders — from putting him on trial to putting a price on his head. But Wilders, a Dutch Member of Parliament and a lonely voice against a craven European establishment, refuses to be silenced — and one result is Marked For Death, a must-read book of 2012 in which Mark's introduction sets the scene for one man's remarkable story and an awful warning of what awaits the rest of the west. For the first time, Wilders offers a full account of his battles against not only the zealots determined to kill him but the Dutch state that dragged him into court for exercising his right to free speech.

Lights Out is Mark’s own account of his legal troubles with Canada’s “human rights” regime, a struggle that culminated earlier this year when the House of Commons voted to strike down the relevant portion of the law and restore a measure of free speech to a country that surrendered it far too easily. Roaming from America to Europe to Australia, Lights Out is a trenchant examination of the intersection of multicultural progressivism and a resurgent Islam - and of the implications for liberty in the years ahead. But it also includes some of Mark’s most popular essays, including “The Shagged Sheep”, his classic evisceration of censorship fetishist, ovine fornication specialist and Ryerson journalism professor John Miller.

When you buy our Marked For Christmas package, you’ll receive a 15 per cent discount over the combined cover price of the individual books. Marked For Death and Lights Out are both rollicking reads on a most serious subject. But, just to lighten things up, we’ll throw in a free CD of Mark’s first project after his acquittal in British Columbia – his palate-cleansing Christmas single with Jessica Martin, “A Marshmallow World”, which hit Number Seven on Amazon’s easy listening bestsellers. As Bill Bennett said after playing it on his radio show, “Canada has an actionable case now.”

And don't forget, when you order Marked For Christmas, Mark will be happy to autograph both books to you or your loved one. Order them today for the incendiary imam or appeasing Eurocrat in your family!

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