Scary Conservative Self-Demonization Kit


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Hey, beleaguered Canadian conservatives! Why wait for the CBC, The Toronto Star and the rest of the media to demonize you when you can demonize yourself with our convenient...


Wearing one of our stylish shirts with the gruesome logo "I'm a scary conservative with a hidden agenda", you'll watch in amazement as your Liberal friends flee in terror!

Or take a trip to the office water cooler with one of our "Scary Conservative" mugs and see your NDP co-workers faint in horror! Get your "hidden agenda" up front and out in the open, and never worry about long lines at Tim Horton's again! The crowd will be stampeding for the parking lot when they realize you're one of those scary types opposed to da Canadian values!

And, just to round things out in our self-demonization kit, along with our long-sleeved "Scary Conservative" baseball jersey and "Scary Conservative" coffee mug, we'll throw in a souvenir copy of Mark's take on our scary political scene. And when you're ordering, don't forget to include your autograph request for the column and specify the size jersey you'd like - S, M, L or XL (at check out).

Scary Conservative Self-Demonization Kit