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Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think (266 pages, hardback)
by Marc Morano, with an introduction by Mark Steyn

"A Disgrace to the Profession": The World's Scientists, in Their Own Words, on Michael E Mann, His Hockey Stick and Their Damage to Science, Volume I (308 pages (paperback)
compiled and edited by Mark Steyn

Here are two indispensable books that get to the heart of the disturbing perversion of science in the interests of "saving the planet". First, the new book Green Fraud by one of the sharpest observers on the scene - Marc Morano - skewers the "Green New Deal" and the devastation it would wreak - all that, plus an introduction by Steyn! And then there's a book like no other: Steyn's pushback against climate mullah Michael E Mann, the vanity litigant whose global-warming "hockey stick" was once the most famous graph of the twenty-first century. Steyn has rounded up a cavalcade of devastating opinions on Mann and his cartoon science by over one hundred of the world's most distinguished scientists.

And now you can get these two great reads together at one low price!

The new hardback Green Fraud is the ultimate guide to the power grab euphemistically known as the Green New Deal. If you enjoyed the pandemic lockdowns, you're gonna love it when they're super-sized.

And for a limited time we're including "A Disgrace to the Profession", a sharp study of what happens to science when a tight coterie of ideologues hijack it for political purposes.

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