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A great gift to melt the Trudeaupian permafrost!

Even with Justin Trudeau doing his best, beleaguered Canucks on the right can always use a hand. So whether your loved one's taste runs to sinister "hidden agendas" or he or she just likes to get them out in the open, here's a gift pack that caters for both: two terrific reads plus one of our Scary Conservative sweat shirts to keep them nice and toasty till the snow melts in early June - and a little music.

Lights Out is Mark's latest book on Islam, free speech and the twilight of the west - with a special emphasis on the Canadian "human rights" racket. A handsome hardback that's a trenchant read, it reprints all the offending material the Canadian Islamic Congress and their enablers at the kangaroo courts attempted to have criminalized, and adds plenty of new material on the many other absurdities perpetrated by the thought police. In the battle to restore Canadians' lost liberties, this is one book to cheer you along the way.

Mark Steyn From Head To Toe brings together some favourite Steyn essays from the glory days of The National Post, on subjects ranging from Canadian health care to Mordecai Richler, plus classic Steyn takes on Elvis, Saddam, Mrs Thatcher, Al Gore and many more.

And, for your Christmas (and Boxing Day) listening pleasure, we'll also include The Mark Steyn Christmas Show, a double CD featuring two hours of seasonal conversation and live music from Mark and his special guests, including America's homemaker Martha Stewart, British songwriters Don Black and Tim Rice, and some Canadian content, too. From the Oscar-winning Denys Arcand find Barbarian Invasions, Dorothée Berryman joins Mark for a jazzy Christmas medley, while one of the great treasures of Quebec music, Monique Fauteux, offers a beautiful rendition of Canada's oldest Christmas song, the Huron Carol. And Mark and the girls wrap things up with a unique bilingual version of "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer".

And just to add to the gaiety of the season we've added one of our "I'm A Scary Conservative With A Hidden Agenda" sweat-shirts. This is ideal to wear around Liberal friends and NDP neighbours who don't have time to read the books and get the full non-hidden agenda. Instead, they can just recoil in terror as your loved one comes clean about the sinister "hidden agenda" they always suspected he had. It's fun for all the family as store clerks, waitresses and little old ladies flee on sight!

And just to round things out we'll include one of our exclusive 2009 SteynOnline greeting cards. When you're ordering, don't forget to let us know both the shirt size and the name of the person you'd like the books and card signed to.

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